Discovery Travel is a developer of high traffic websites to support the hospitality industry. Discovery Travel also provides technology to support clusters of websites on behalf of individual property owners.

With online bookings for vacation rentals, hotels and traffic drivers for geo targeted domains, Discovery Travel generates millions of unique views per year.

With websites dominating specific geo targeted localities our customers are converting eyeballs and enquires to revenue daily.

We work with a range of media companies and can co-ordinate digital business development programs in synchronisation with traffic driving platforms.

If you have a business that would benefit from a digital overhaul, needs more traffic and is in an associated industry then please feel free to contact us.

The screen shot you see below is the new portal design for all our sites designed to be easy to use and SEO friendly.

Lake Como

Lake Como Italy

Discovery Travel Network has been established to develop a professionally managed global network of leisure information portals.

Each portals structure, design and administration tool has been developed in line with the very best web design practices and provide a comprehensive, content rich resource for locals, business travellers and holidaymaker's alike.

We work closely with holiday homes, hotels and attractions with self catering and ticketing system business now becoming a major part of our every day lives.





Discovery Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes  


Online Ticket Booking Software  


Vacation Rental Software  

Please visit a full site map on one of our new design portals for a full list of active site which grows every day.

We also work with partners to develop a rich seam of traffic to smaller bespoke websites for the holiday industry such as the Hoipe Cove website shown below:

Hope Cove

We also provide lateral traffic to attractions and systems for online booking and ticketing.

Online Booking Systems

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